letter to the youth

Dear Young,

You had a lot going for you, decisions about what career to pursue, what kind of person to fall in love with who to hang around with and so many things to do and explore.You had full of exciting things to discover how I wished I had lingered around for much longer, I liked the fantasies which made life such an adventure as there was such a freedom about you which I really wanted to enjoy and hold on to.

However real life is not a fairy tale like you made me believe I soon discovered that there was more to life than fantasies. There were disappointments to contend with, failures to cope with loneliness to deal with when suddenly friends had a lot to do and did not have time to hang around any more. As I joined the world of work I soon discovered there was so much competition demanding that I upped my game if ever I was to make it in life. Living under my parents’ roof meant I did not need to bother very much about paying bills as long as I contributed my board and lodge and some how they would make it all balance.

Having to pay all the bills in my own place made me realize how challenging it is not to be young any more, yet you allowed me to get carried away with your ideas of being young without giving me an opportunity of taking responsibility.

I am very sure there are many people who relish the idea of being young and all the prospects it offers, and forget that there is more to life than fantasies. Do not get me wrong it is great to be young I only wish you could be more realistic about life.


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