the more we want, the less we have

We want more love but have less kindness.
We have more relationships but feel less happiness.
We have more sex but experience less intimacy.
We have more social media but less real friends.
More marriages but less fidelity.
More discussion but less resolution.
We have more money but less generosity.
More poverty but less compassion.
More profits but less equality.
More businessmen but less charity.
More work but less achievements.
More banks but less financial security.

We have more cars but less clean air to breathe.
More travel but less tolerance for other cultures.
More exploration but less understanding.
More science but less regard for Nature.
More climate monitoring but less climate control.
More chemicals but less bees and whales.
We have more technology but less time.
More iphones but less connection.
More emails but less communication.
More machines but less humanity.
More information but less transparency.
More surveillance but less information

We have more politicians but less good governance.
More laws but less justice.
More media but less honesty.
More television channels but less meaning.
More global instant news but less caring.
More talk of peace and less harmony.
We have more schools but less common sense.
More books but less learning.
More drugs but less good health.
More mental illness but less empathy.
More food but less nourishment.
More diets but less weight loss.
More gyms but less fitness

We have more spirituality but less generosity.
More guru’s but less self-trust.
More psychologists but less self-awareness.
More self-help advice but less self-motivation.
More religious apologies but less disclosure.
More beliefs but less knowing.
We have more athletes but less sportsmanship.
More world cups but less honour.
More fame but less real heroes.
More celebrities but less real character.
More fashions but less individuality.
More awards but less decency.

We have more of everything but less contentment and happiness.
What we really need more of;
More laughter, more fun, more love, more hugs.
More sleep, more music, more books, more sunsets
More friendship and cups of tea together, more slow walks in Nature.
More time and relaxation, more holidays, more dreaming.
More time to play, more surprises, more gratitude.
More listening, encouraging, more smiling, more understanding and caring.
More intuition, more imagination, more trusting, more day-dreaming, more creativity.
More stillness and silence, more deep contemplation, more realisation.
More kindness, generosity, acceptance and more kindness.
More beauty, more flowers, more dancing.
More taking chances, more saying sorry, more peace.
More wisdom, more learning, more openness to everything.

The essential thing we need more of is knowing when we have enough.
“The secret of happiness is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.’ Socrates.

Sherry (BSc. Sociology;)