hair wahala on relationship

Interview most random man out there, they will tell you their dream woman is hairless. They may not say it directly to you but this day and age, the idea of a hairy woman is unthinkable. It’s a deal breaker to most people and the talk of the crowd if a celebrity has hairy legs. Why are we so obsessed with being smooth? Why are women told to stop their hair from growing in order to look attractive and appealing? Does the sight of a sexy body with hair upset the eyesight so much?

People will tell you it’s because we have evolved from cavemen and do not need to allow so much hair grow. I would accept this theory of course, if only the same could be said for men. Men are allowed to keep all the underarm hair, pubic hair, leg hair and etc they want to keep. Now when I say allowed, I mean they are not crucified if they are hairy as much as women are, not that every culture supports men looking like fur balls. So women are struggling and getting ingrown hairs from shaving, waxing, teasing and plucking to remain smooth while men are allowed to be as hairy as they please? I call BULLSHIT.

when your boyfriend or spouse starts suggesting you shave or wax while he himself is hairy, please do call BULLSHIT. He who has never had their balls wax cannot, under any circumstance dare speak of his lady having her vagina waxed. That shit is painful!
Baby girls, if he wants you to be a certain way, he should try to be that way as well. Either you are both hairless or both with hair, he should pick one. Equality may still be down the road, but gosh darnit we will get there steps at a time.

women killing themselves to be hairless while men relax and grow all the hair they want. Ladies, if you are happy keeping up the waxing appointments for him, that’s fine. If you are unhappy however and want to grow it out, feel free. Thou shalt not let a man with hairy balls and pits tell you where to shave. Never.