priests and pastors

Ultimate Differences Between A Christian & A Catholic priest

priest are more learned .an average priest spends 4 years readin philosophy ,4 years reading theology . Eight years b4 being a priest.
A pastor dont spends less than a year in a bible school.

a priest speaks a minimum of 4 languages. 2 foreign and 2 nigerian.excluding english and native language.

A pastor speak only pidgen + native.

a priest prays gently,quietly,. A pastor shouts angrily

a priest exorcism of a demon posessed child is more authoritative with sequential proces. A pastor yels and shout .
A priest goes to needy african countries, in war ,famine. To share d word of God. A pastor goes to Usa, england and other rich nation

a priest dont own major persnal car, house,land, jet etc. Only clothes and shoes. Their property belong to d church.

Pastor own property

wen a nigerian priest dies in lets say congo. He is burid there.

Priest are more logical in arguement than priest.if u doubt, ask an atheist

priest have taken an oath never to be married. How many pastor can stay a year without s..e..x. .even wen their wife die, they remarry within a year.

Aceptd, some priest indulge in secret sex,

conclusion, it is not easy to be a priest. It is much easier to be a pastor.


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