students..rating lecturers

The capability of a mechanic is tasted by his ability to cure an ailment. The car owner would praise him and recommend him to other car owners…

Unfortunately,same cant be said of lecturers.there is no system to rate lecturers performance.
Our lecturers keep going on strike protesting for more pay .do they all deserve such pay rise?
Not all lecturers are capable of impacting knowledge on how do we distinguish the efficient lecturers from the quacks.only the student can rate them.

Many professors have poor teaching skills,poor behavior in class and poor relationship with students.some are overstrict and make unrealistic ruules thereby discouraging students from asking questions.
We also have old lecturers whose voice are weak still teaching. They keep agitating to extend their retirement age without asking if it has a negative effect on students.

The students are at the recieving end.they should be given an assesment form to rate each course lecturer giving areas where they want such lecturers to improve on. Such feedback should be forwarded to the higher authorities for analysis.this would enable each departement know its best and worse lecturers

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