my brothers day

Today is big brothers birthday.
This is specially dedicated to him

Blessed be the womb that brought you to this world
blessed be the hand that carried when you were young
blessed be chelsea your favorite football club
blessed be your soccer hero- ronaldinho and drogba

a big brother u are right from craddle
you showed us the route-u were a perfect example
you helped us up when we fell and fumbled
and when the going gets tough,you held strong like a soldier

a maths genuis with the brain of isaac newton
you are the best of your peers, second to no one
Fr Ede was wrong to let you leave with two-one
we are proud of you chimex.we are proud to be your brother.

Happy birthday Engineer Roland
100 days running serving your fathers land
I, elvis and kizzy composed this before hand
to say happy birthday to our own big brother

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