Having interacted with christians for many years, i have desided to categorise them into two major groups – churchtian and christian

A churchtian holds on to churcch tradition and is quick to defend the church practice. He focuses on religious routines such as cross over night,mid nite prayer,choir practice etc.

A churchtian seems judgemental. Every action is either right or wrong.they tend to point fingers which makes them seem hypocritical.

A churchtian sets rules for himself and claim its God will never see them taste alchohol. They dont date. Hardly watch football. All these are wordly.

They are selective in their company as they dissociate themselves with “unrighteous persons”.

A christian on the other hand makes everyone his friend Since Jesus drank with taxcollectors and never condemned adultrous woman. He communicates with everyone in the office.

a christ follower channels his biblical knowledge on his fellow human being. He is not rigid in rules and has no problem going to other churches. He hardly condemms other doctrine and mustnt defend his either.

He belives we are all sinners and therefore doesnt point fingers on someone. They drink but not excessively.they are willin to change their position .



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