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making a child an academic genuis

It is the wish for every parent to have a good,responsible, intelligent child they are proud of. Such parents talk bodly about their ward achievement.

Other parents arent so lucky.they complain day and night about their ward problems.

Parents are so much focused in their carrears that they neglect the fundamental aspect of parenting. They have no time for their kids. They forget that the behavior of a child is largely determined by the parent.

The other day, a dad was complaining about how his son had failed jamb five times . He questioned God “what have i done wrong”?
After series of questions, i discovered the child had been bottom of class righht from his primary school days. The dad never checked if he had done assignment. No home lesson teacher. The child had no academic guidiance whotsoever. Isnt it obvious that the childs failure academically was caused by parents negliigence.

The parents also have a role to play in guiding a child in choosing his carreer. I met a Man who wanted his 6month old baby to read mechanical -engineering.right from when the baby was 4, he bought a toy car for him. As he grew, he bought a toy lorry, toy catterpillar, and later a toy plane. He wanted to make the son interested in moving parts. At 10 years, he got a miniature automaatic car and later a miniature bulldozer. He would watch as the kid dismantles them to pieces in an attempt to rebuild them. Most times, he failed. The dad didnt yell at him. Instead he promised the son he could get him an automatic miniature plane if he took first position. The son finally took first after several attempts. Dad fufilled his promise.
At 14, he spent his junior Waec break as an apprentice in a mechanic workkshop. At 16, he spent his august long break learning welding. When it was time to choose his future carreer in Jamb, he chose Mechanical Engineering.
Imagine if the dad had neglected him all these while,he would have mixed with student rappers and chosen Music instead.

Parents, your ward academic performance lies in your palm. Input = output. What your ward would grow up to be largely depends on the seed you sow.if you want your child to succeed academically,first sow the “book ” in him . At young age give him storry books to read.follow it up by asking questions on the book.ewhen he comes back from school,ensure he does his assignment. Give him a target, -first position. Let him know you are intterested in his academic succes.this will make him take it seriously. Celebrate his performance. Encourage him.

Prroffesors werent made overnight.