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women hatred for each other

the pride of a woman lies on her beauty while that of a man lies on his wealth. However,men are happy when their fellow men achieve. They tend to hang out with wealthy men in order to benefit from their wealth. The same cant be said of ladies.cute women tend to hate more beautiful ladies.

Women tend to focus on other persons and not themselves.this is why they tend to gossip more.they easily notice a girl who excells in an area they lack.when they see a girl having the looks they crave for, they tend to be jelous.

Girls lov to take center of action.if a woman walks in a room of men.she likes all eyes to admire her. All those flattering,extra cash etc from male colleagues .when a more beautiful lady enters the scene, it becomes obvious she has a challenger. She cant compete with someone more endowned so she begins to hate.

If the beautiful lady is closer to her by family. There is a rule. The beautiful girl must never meet your guy else he starts chasing her and leaves you.girls take relationship too seriously.

Such jelousy leads to insecurity. They know the girl is more endowned than they are and is capable of winning them in beauty contest.

Ladies know the feminine power and they know beautiful ladies naturally use it on men to get favours. Smart cute ladies who use their brains hate seeing beautiful ladies esp with sleeveless and short skirts. They hate it when some beautiful lady use their beauty to degrade womanhood.

2 replies on “women hatred for each other”

Most times people get complex issue ( especially ladies ) even though they have all it takes to outshine the other party. Insecurity these days comes with personalities and upbringing.


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