mikel should be used as defensive not attacking mildfielder

Below are qualities an attacking mildfielder should posses.

*.Scores goals from distance.
E.g gerald,lampard

Mikel is very poor here at long shots. Rating 1/10

*.Creates goal scoring e.g iniesta,silva chances.

;mikel hardly creates one. He only spots a player making a goal svoring chance before passing.he hardly creates one himself.-rating 2/10

*.Hits sharp crosses and long balls from anywhere on the field eg gerald, lampard;

mikel was excellent here in 2005. Recently his crosses and corners dont reaxh target -3/10

*speed level – can chase back and defend and get into the goal box.e.g ramirez, oscar.mikel runs slowly.cant fall back. This is why he doesnt attack much.

WANTING THE BALL e.g silva,inesta

Another key quality all attacking midfieders should possess, and really all soccer players, is the desire for the ball at your feet. It’s always asking for and wanting the soccer ball. In soccer, everyone, and especially midfielders, should always ask for the ball and be in position to support their teammates. That’s probably the key aspect, knowing how to offer support and get open so you can be an outlet to your teammate who is under pressure. This means moving off the ball and breaking free from the person who is marking you.mikel doesnt ask for ball – 2/10

penalty /free kick – e.g pirlo,lampard,gerald

mikel freekick cant cross the wall – 3/10.he lacks self confidence in penalty taking

Dribble ;confuse opponent withh body movement,,,mikel isnt a dribbler -2/10.

Hope, you now agree with me that mikel is best as a dmf and lacks attacking qualities