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A crazyguy letter to his future wife

I found myself deep in thought about my future which prompted me to write this.i was born single and i hope to remain single.if you are reading this letter,it means i finally got married.

I dont know where you are from but am sure you wont be from chibokk-the land of bokoharam or nyanya-land of bommblast.
Congratulations,you are no more a miss but a mrs.

My marriage to you wasnt out of love for you butfor two reasons: due to family and society pressure.two-you said yes. Our marriage isnt really my desire so dont be too excited.

I know you are beautiful but dont expect me to keep tellin you that.its your job to maintain your beauty. I am not the romantic type so dont expect me to pet you.when i want to screw you, i just say bendown i wanna screw you. No foreplay-no touching. Dont dare say no else i go bring a slot and screw her right before your eyes.

Our union will be childless. I plan using protection each time we make out.just in case you get pregnant, i shall be only responsible for their naming. Expect a name like moyes or torress. Their upbringing is your duty

better be financially stable.that you are married doesnt mean you add to my burden.i wont spend a penny on you.we aint doing no church wedding unless you alone want to sponsor it.if you dont have a job, then you got no buisness in my house.

That i am married doesnt mean i will act like one. Have you heard of “married bachelor”?that describes me. Dont expect me home by 9pm. I am either clubing or drinking or watching football with my guys.

After reading this, i want you to make up your mind whether to proceed with the union and tolerate me or seek a divorce.i would prefer the later.

Meet you in court

Your huzband
crazy guy