the need for religious change

Change is the only constant thing in life.nothing last the same forever.everone,everything around us is in a constant of metamorphosis.the need for a changr has made man,plants and animal to modify its behaviour to adopt to the society in order not to go extint.

Nothing is static.there is bound to be flunctuation. A rich man may be poor tomorrow.feelings do change .a friend could be an enemy. A man wouldnt always have same love for his wife.

Even in science there is change. Planets are no longer seven. Electric vehicles are being built .atomic theory has always being modified. Cultures have being modernised.

It seems religion is the only constant thing. Why is religion different? Does the fact that religion is based on fixed doctrine and dogma make it an exception? Would changing religious doctrine and dogma be regarded as blasphemy? Does change in interpretation of religious books to suit modern change make the authors look stupid ? Would it reduce such books to mere human books and not “Gods own book”?