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nigerian universities and their european clubs

Nigerian universities and their european team lookalike

tertiary institutions in nigeria have a similar mode of operation to european clubs. Their students performance really got lot of resemblance with popular clubs in europe

ARSENAL STUDENTS are inequiped who manage to pass Jamb and Waec. They have great lecturers who make them study so hard that they manage to succed.however their poor education background make it difficult for them to compete better than other clubs e.g ABU,UNIMAID, BAYERO

BARCELONA ; students are proud,they belive they are the best,develop their own success pattern and keep succeeding ; UNN

CHELSEA STUDENTS ; KEEP FAILING AND management keep blaming the VC. Management fire VC, employs new VC. VC ADmits new students who keep failing and the cycle continues again.e.g UNILAG

ATHLETICO MADRID AND DORTHMOUND;students always eager to leave the school. They have no say,their are disenfranchised and lack courage to protest and remove management.those who stay longer do so unhappily due to woeful performance.Those who succed do perdorm so well but leave the school instantly. E.g FUTO

LIVERPOOL; stusents fail to succced
STudents are proud of their greatgrandfathers achievement e.g OAU,UNILORIN,UNIIBADAN.

BENIFFICA ;students try to perform but are hindered because of the curse by the victims of cultist e.g EKPOMA

ACMILAN,INTERMILAN AND JUVENTUS ; prefer to admit old men who are 26years into 100level, such student use experience to cram and deposite or invent exam malpractice technique.- UNIPORT.Oone out of ten students compete well against other universities

MANCHESTER CITY ;students are rich.coaches are rich. Both forget learning but focus on luxury life.they try to succed but perform below eexpectation e.g igbenedion university,uniabuja

MANCHESTER UNITED ; students are not genius but coach is . Students manage to perform but with little help from invigilators.

REALMADRID;Students are well traind before being but by clubs at espensive feess.they are from wealthy homes and are best from wonderful. secondary schools.lecturers have nothing to do.just give them textbook,they will understand and succed e.g convenant.