5 lies about marriage

My interaction with some single friends and acquaintances has revealed that there are lots of wrong notion that some people have about marriage. People desire to get married for the wrong reasons, or let me be fair to say mostly wrong reasons. Let me list some of these thoughts or expectations, or notions.

Lie 1
Marriage is an escape from my parents or guardians to my independence.
If you get married to find freedom, then you might be disappointed, because real marriage does not allow for independence from one another. There is responsibility and accountability in marriage, so if you are one who does not like to be accountable or responsible, marriage is not an escape, or you will encounter serious problems too.

Lie 2
Marriage will meet all my emotional needs.
Trust me, this is so not true, I speak by personal and shared experiences. If you do not handle your emotional needs now and know how to deal with them you will be disappointed because the other person has his/hers to deal with and does not need you to depend completely on him/her for emotional satisfaction.

Lie 3
I want to get married so that I will not have to be sleeping around anymore.
I am afraid this too cannot be taken as true. If you do not deal with sexual indiscipline now, it will still be an issue even after marriage. What happens when your spouse is not there, maybe out of town and you suddenly feel the need? If you are still undisciplined, then you would probably find “another way” to satisfy your urges.

Lie 4
Marriage will give me more access to cash.
Then you go get yourself a rich guy or babe, greed cannot be satisfied no matter how much is thrown at it. Learn to be content with what you have, if you marry for money and the money is no longer there, you would then not have any reason to stay married.

Lie 5
The Mr. or Mrs. title will earn me some respect, people will no longer talk to me anyhow.
Not true too! You earn respect from who you are, not from a title. So behave yourself respectably now and earn respect for yourself.
Treat others with respect too, for you will get what you give.
If you are single and hope to be happily married one day, then rid your mind and thoughts of these and some other myths about marriage that I might not have mentioned.

Marry to be a blessing to someone and not for someone to meet all your needs. Prepare yourself in every way you can so that when he/she meets you, he/she will consider you a valuable gift. Wisdom is needed to enjoy marriage, wisdom means applying true information and experiences to your life. Be smart; prepare to enjoy bliss in your marriage!
Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established: Proverbs-24: 3
Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house.Proverbs-24: 27
Remember, marriage is not an end, it is a means to an end.
What are other lies do you think people believe about marriage?
What are some you USED to believe?

Lies And Marriage.