signs you hate being an african

/When the world “racism”is heard,all fingers are pointed to the whites. Such accusation is wrong.some africans are racisys

Pics; would you take pics in front of oxford university,standordbridge etc but never in front of olumo rock?do you photoshop your pics to make us believe you wer shakiing hands with obama?

Speech ; are you good at speaking english but cant speak your local dialete? Can you speak german,friench and italia but cant speak two nigerian languages?can you speak nigerian language but ashamed to do so publicly?

NAME ; did you hide your tribal name because it souds local or do you abreviate”kelechukwu ” to kc or chikamdinaka to “kamdi” just to modernise it?

Dress ; do you were suit to traditional events ? Do you have few or no native in your wadrope?do you prefer neckless to beads?

Belief ; do you belive yourforefathers are burning in hell for not knowing and acceptain a foreigner?do you prefer surgery to herbal medicine? Do you ignore yamm festival, IWA AKWA festival etc but take christmass and newyear serious?

Skin- do you bleach?must you marry a light-skined lady? Do you fry your hair?

Judgement ; do you hate yakubu for missing few chances but quick to defend 50million flop fernando torress.

Journey ; do you always dream of travelling to abroad?would you resign your present comfortable job for less job in england?

If you answered yes to half of the questions,then you havve a are among the over a million racist we have in nigeria
you are amongAfricans that chose to degrade their fathers and make mockery of their Ancestors .

Beware of those who claimed your fore fathers worship lesser gods. Protect your household from your brothers that hides behind Christianity, Islam and Atheism to camouflage their self hate for everything African.
Any religion or ideology that teaches you that you are sons and daughters of savages. It is an oppressive tool or it is you that has misunderstood what it teaches.When did American stopped being cowboys because of the sudden rise of China? Only African men and women wants to be everything else but an African.

I am not against mixing with others but am agains doing such at expence of yours.Why do we pride ourself how well we have adapted to foreign cultures but not how well we have developed and evolved culturally and scientifically?

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