jobMany courses arent worth studying . It is mere foolishness to spend 4years in a teriary institution studying unprofitable courses. These courses have little job prospect. They include

6) MUSIC ; 2face, Wizkid,Naeto C and  MI all made it in the music indstry without a diploma in music.kennis music have few music graduates. Its better to learn to operate musical instrument than get degree in music.


5)LIBERY ; who spends years learnin how to sort out ang guard books.? Any admin staff can do your job.this makes it irrelevant

4)HISTORY ; which company today searches for one to explain what happens in eighteen century? Apart from teaching, this course is irrelevant

theology/philosophy/islamic studies/religious studies

make the church/mosque your be richer,start your church

2)public/buisness administrators

the role of administrators has been really underated. Any psychologist,liberian,educationist etc are drafted to admin dept to learn on the job making competition stiff

if poliitical sxience was prerequisite for venturing into politics, this  course would have being a hot cake. Out of 36governors, none studied political science.this makes the discipline valueless since anyone can vote,be voted for,join or start a political party.

If disciplines only determine  jobs,these coures would make one jobless . Connection and destiny has  a brightened their chances


The Paranoia of Oritsejafor’s CAN

This pastor baffles me

naijainfoman's notes

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

What exactly is wrong with the Christian Association of Nigeria “CAN” today? Their verbal hostility and paranoia keeps escalate every passing day. It is like an army of demons have ceased its leadership.

Everyday that passes, they invent something silly and sinister to accused Muslims of. This time they are accusing Justice Kutigi of religious bias because he appointed a catholic Bishop (Felix Ajakaiye) to co-chair the committee on religion. Their argument is that only a CAN delegates should represent Christians and Kutigi is bias against Christians for appointing a Bishop instead of their anointed trouble marker. If a Bishop is not eligible to speak for Christians, who then can?

In a National Conference where about 70% of delegates are Christians, CAN is still screaming Islamic bias. If CAN could scream blue murder because of membership of a sub-committee, I am sure they would have gone…

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Who You Are

One fact that cannot change



An eagle is still an eagle even if it never takes flight.
It still remains an eagle even if it decides to become a vegetarian.
Even if it’s wings and feathers are cut off.
Even if its talons and beaks are cut off.
Even if it decides to act like a chicken
An eagle is an eagle not because of its physical features or its current ability. An eagle is an eagle simply because of its “parents”- simple
If not so, then drastically changing their external features or physical capabilities would mean they’d cease being eagles but that is not the case.
Likewise we’re winners. We’re victorious.
We’re stars not because of our great jobs, mansions, businesses, toys and the likes. We’re eagles because of our Father who is in heaven.
Have you been able to count the number of stars yet?
Have you seen the beautiful clouds?
Have you…

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Should Google Forget?

Our right or googles right?


You may have read in the news recently that the European Courts Of Justice have ruled that people should be allowed to ask Google to ‘forget them.’ This means deleting links to information an individual does not want to be associated with that is considered ‘irrelevant’ and ‘outdated.’

The is actually an interesting issue for political philosophers as rather than the usual struggle between the state and the individual, it is a fight between the state, the company and the individual. Who’s freedom is more important? Google’s or the individual’s? The person or the people?

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A crazyguy letter to his future wife

I found myself deep in thought about my future which prompted me to write this.i was born single and i hope to remain single.if you are reading this letter,it means i finally got married.

I dont know where you are from but am sure you wont be from chibokk-the land of bokoharam or nyanya-land of bommblast.
Congratulations,you are no more a miss but a mrs.

My marriage to you wasnt out of love for you butfor two reasons: due to family and society pressure.two-you said yes. Our marriage isnt really my desire so dont be too excited.

I know you are beautiful but dont expect me to keep tellin you that.its your job to maintain your beauty. I am not the romantic type so dont expect me to pet you.when i want to screw you, i just say bendown i wanna screw you. No foreplay-no touching. Dont dare say no else i go bring a slot and screw her right before your eyes.

Our union will be childless. I plan using protection each time we make out.just in case you get pregnant, i shall be only responsible for their naming. Expect a name like moyes or torress. Their upbringing is your duty

better be financially stable.that you are married doesnt mean you add to my burden.i wont spend a penny on you.we aint doing no church wedding unless you alone want to sponsor it.if you dont have a job, then you got no buisness in my house.

That i am married doesnt mean i will act like one. Have you heard of “married bachelor”?that describes me. Dont expect me home by 9pm. I am either clubing or drinking or watching football with my guys.

After reading this, i want you to make up your mind whether to proceed with the union and tolerate me or seek a divorce.i would prefer the later.

Meet you in court

Your huzband
crazy guy