Tertiary education ; not for all

Year in year out, millionons write the joint administration and matriculation board exam hoping to be admitted to tertiary academic institution. These millions cut across every size, age, tribe and status. They all have several backforce to aspire tertiarry education.

This prompts one to ask. Is tertiary education for all?off course everyone would instantly yell “yes”.before we answer that, we should note that tertiary education difers from literacy. Everyone should learn how to read and write but not everyone should attend a tertiary institution.

Two basic factors should be considered before one undergoes tertiary education.one is interest. Are you the type who hates reding? Do you dislike assignments ?can u spend one month without scaning newspapers,magazine etc?if your answer is yes, then you have no buisness with tertiary education. Such person will end up involving in all crook examination malpractice to pass.
He shoild go pursue your interest like wizkid and 2face.

The second major factor is capability. Were you alwayss bottom in class?can you speak and write fluently,did you rewrite Waec three times before getting 5 credirts? If your answer is yes, then you have a big problem educationally.however,with extra hardwork and interest,you can make it.

There are other factors which disqualifies one from enroling into tertiary education.not everyone is talented in reading and writing.some are gifted to work with their hands. They should focus on trade or vocation.
what is the point of wasting four years + aasu years + NYSC chasing a course one is very poor at.with the high rate of school fees,one should chanell money instead in an investment.

Examine yourself.choose wisely. Pursue university education and graduate halfbaked almost sure of failure or follow alternate route almost sure of success


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