48 of 102 Nigerian Prisoners Pass GCE Examination While in Prison

48-of-102-nigerian-prisoners-pass-gce-examination-while-in-prison/’>48 of 102 Nigerian Prisoners Pass GCE Examination While in Prison

Emmanuel Bamidele, the Deputy Controller of Prisons, reported that the prisoners were successful in taking the GCE exam in November/December 2013.
He made this disclosure when he recieved the Ikeja Branch of Nigerian Bar Association, the NBA, on Monday.

The NBA members came to the prison to present the gifts they prepared for inmates as one of the activities planned in their Law Week 2014 programme
Bamidele told to the NBA members that:“when they finally regain their freedom, they can seek admission into any university of their choice, since they are awaiting trial.”

He said the prison ‘Rehabilitation, Restoration and Reintegration’ programme , is aimed at providing all the prisoners with the chance to get good education, and to be useful to themselves and society as soon as they leave the prison.

the deputy controller said: ‘there were 1761 people in prison, with only 186 were convicted and the rest have been waiting for the trial for 5-13 years.”
Monday Ubani, the Chairman of NBA Ikeja, assure the inmates that those waiting for trial would be free soon informing that Justice Ayotunde Phillips, the Chief Judge of Lagos State would visit the prison in May to grant parole.
“NBA is in contact with the chief judge and the Ministry of Justice, and we know that names of those to be released are being compiled,”he said.

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