some courses are not worth studying?

Each year,new courses are introduced to nigerian universities.most times,these courses are derived from pre existing courses and are narrow minded.

Are all courses course not. All Bsc and bed are equal but some are more recognised.yes,ask a newly inducted medical doctor sundergoing NYSC PROGRAME and he will explain the prefrential treatment he got.

After our junior waec, students are adviced to apply for courses that they are passionate about. Is passion enough? No. Passion only brings job happiness, it doesnt always command bigger wages.

Courses which are harder to read command high salary.a newly employed engineer at shell earns more than an administrator in same place.professional courses such as law can earn money outside their workplace.
Barrack obama once said “some people make more money learning from trade than studying to get an art-history degree.

Versatile courses like economics also command recognition due to its vertality than fishery.while the former can work anywhere,the later is limited.

Before reading a course,ask yourself, is it a wise investment,?with the high cost of tertiary institution, is it financially advisable to spend 4years in a private university studing yoruba education or political science or public administeration?