no money ,no marriage

Mariage issues marriage issues.just heard of three colleagues whose marriage is currently hanging on the fence. Their marriage is less than three years old.the problem all arise from one root-money.

Yes, money. Either one patner is broke or two are broke. Next to unfaithfulness, money is second reason mariage break up.
One message for guys and ladies,NO MONEY-NO MARRIAGE.
if you cant take care of your self,you have no reason getting married.if you havent own or maintained a car,dont bother getting married.yes,it doesnt matter if your lover is funny,humble,smart etc,iif he or you are poor, date him,dont marry him. SHe should be able to maintain should maintain yourself too.

Love is not the only factor to be considered in marriage, consider your kids you want the poverty strucken guy to be the father of your child?do you want your kids to undergo a worse suffering that you both did? Remember, kids is the best way to drain your finance.having kids makes a poor guy poorer.

It doesnt matter if you are 40 or not, it doesnt matter if your mates are already grand fathers,dont make that and your patner must be self reliant.

Most of us end up settling for a “less costly” patner. This is good but guys who do this are likely to cheat on you when life improves.

Marriage isnt meant for the poor


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