ways we unknowingly disrespect our patner

Respect does not really mean greeting ur patner every morning.
Most times we show disrespect for our patner unknowingly.there are many ways our action sends a signal that we dont respect our patner.

.Telling your patner he is not good is enough disrespect. Dont tell her she is a terrible cook.dont tell him he is a bad father and husband.instead,suggest ways of improvement. ” may be you should add more salt nexttime” is better than “the food is tasteless.the former shows you appreciate her effort,the latter shows you dont.

Is your patner an illiterate,who can neither speak english or write. Dont make him feel bad about it.dont speak vocabulary when speaking with him.bring him to your level .speak pidgin or his native language.

Bossing your patner reduces the relationship from husband-wife to a master-servant relationship.dont expect your patner to worship doesnt matter if you are the breadwinner,dont show him/her you are superior .

Show that you care.Give attention.non challant attitude towards his/her affairs. Dont be to busy that you forget about him/her.

Never make negative remark about her publicly. No matter what he/she does,it is your primary duty to defend her.try covering her up.opposing her in front of kids / outsiders reduces her self confidence and self respect.never shout or slap her infront of kids or outsiders.

No person is perfect.dont expect perfection from your patner.respect comes from ignore his/her weakness and focus on strenght.