nigeria politics


Majority of nigerians disaprove EBELE GOODLUCK JONATHAN work as president of nigeria. He has been criticised and condemned several times. Is he really the worst?lets examine


under obasanjo regime, one week without light was normal.when light comes,it lasts for 30mins and
next is 2 weeks black out.

Under Jonathan, even my remote village enjoys 20 hours light daily.

under Obj, we had only 3 poorly maintained international airport.

Today,we have over six international bodies recognise our airport as one of the best in the world.


GEJ TENURE got us a nation cup trophy. Obasanjo only got us three bronze and one silver in many attempts
nigeria also won under 17 with youngest ever squad

OBJ, An ex army know a lot about security matters more than Gej
. Nigeria was undoubtly more secure under OBJ THAN GEJ. The series of explosion and other boko haram activities has exposed jonathan administrations inability to secure the nation

it was about $33 billion when Yar’Adua/Jonathan Presidency came to office in 2007. Today, we are between 45 and $48 billion…

economic experts are all athesting that nigeria economy is growing more than population for the first time .USA barrack obama hasnt achieved that

under OBJ, Election was iwuruwuru. Votes dont count.

The election at imostate really prove that votes count..(though not hundred percent) but better than Gej).


i cant really say here, the AASU ongoing ASUP STRIKE HAS really overshadowed the numerous tetrafund projects in all universities. JONA SCORED LOW HERE.

Overall, the president isnt doing worse at all. He is at per if not better . Late yaradua was barely well to rule nigeria spending his time at saudi hospital.

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