Before you ask me what that name means, let me first tell you that it doesnt exist yet in any dictionary. It was coined by me. If Beyism could be fored because of beyonce, why cant TOBEYISM BE FORMED AFTER me.

Tobeyism is not a religion where tobechi should be worship . Instead,it is more of a way of life, a belief ,a culture.

Tobeyism is a belief in a creator of the universe.
Tobeyism has no place of worship.her members cut across every religion on earth.
TOBEYISM is a versatile religion. Members could attend any any church or mosque of their choice.

Tobeyism has no particular doctrine concerning nature of God.Tobeyism is uncertain if God is trinitarian or not. Tobeyism has never seen a result is not sure if God has a son or a mother.

Tobeyism doesnt really know Gods desires. Whether God wants us to worship him or to celebrate him is uncertain. Whether God is spiritual or not is unknown. Whether God is present everywhere or in heaven hasnt been prooven. Can God do everything? No one knows.

This religion sees other religion as mere attempt of man to understand the concept of God,all religion claims her own idea is the perfect representation of God. Their contradictions however makes it impossible for all to be correct .its either one is correct or neither is correct.

Tobeyism focuses more on humanity. Ones treatment to his fellow human is his treatment to God. Service to humanity is service to God.
Tobeyism advocates that no religious group should hold her doctrine strong to the extent of discriminating against non members. Instead, religious dogma should be taken with a pinch of salt as they are allcompilation of human attempt to solve earth puzzles.

Are you interested to join tobeyism? You dont need to visit any place?you dont need to pay any amout? Just make up your mind. Begin to treat your fellow human as your God.