my perfect role model

Many years ago, my dad called me one night when every one was asleeo and gave me an assignment. He said

“go get a role model, outline seven qualities of that person you intend to emulate. He/she must be perfect without major stain and fanous for a good act”

i nodded and went back to bed.i had expected a mathematical sum or an errand. I thought and thought and thought.

I mentioned Michael Jackson to my dad, he reminded me that he was jailed . I mentioned askeed ” you mean the ex-convict?.

I left music and tried politics. Babaginda,george Bush all had murdet stain on them.

I stoped thinking. No person was blamish. .
I took my burden to school library.i saw a book covered with dust. I cleaned it . The front cover was written ” the only sinless man”. I smilled and gave a sign of relief. I quickly opened the book and saw the name JESUS.

i screamed loud . How come i never thought of this.was i so foolish all along searching without consulting the BIBLE.. JESUS was a perfect role model. The only one without stain.

I went home that day and headed straight to my fathers room to inform my dad of my decision.i noticed the smile on his face as he noded his head and drew me to him self.” GOOD BOY,NOW EMULATE JESUS.

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