Should we keep pitying the north educationally?

The west african examination council released its result and ranked states according to their performance. Once again no nothern state made the best ten. list

this is amidst report that nothern states have nigeria worst girl child education.

attempt have been madr to encourage them to patronise education, last year, the Federal Ministry of Education had announced the cut-off marks for admission into the Federal Government Colleges, known as Unity Schools, with the shocking piece of information that while the cut-off mark was as high as 139 for a Southern state like Anambra, it was as low as two, yes two, (out of a possible 200 marks) for pupils of a Northern state like Yobe. Utme cut off point is reduced to as low as 160 for nothern indigenes only
Northern Nigeria remains, and represents the only place in the world that has the highest number of Children that are not going to school. The Highest number of children that are not going to school in the world are in Northern Nigeria

Imo State and anambra produced more candidates seeking admission into the universities than all the 19 Northern states put together. That is not just shocking but dangerous.catchement area law has made it difficult for them to get admission in nothern state.

What do we do? Do we keep giving a goat meat after it refuses to chew or do we give the meet to the dog willing to eat.

Do we still keep reducing our education standard for those who dont want to learn .
Do we let the north who are lagging behind educationally draw us back or do we let go of them and pursue knowledge .?