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An Open Letter To My Governor

Random Musings of the Unhinged Mind

From Delta with love From Delta with love

I thought since the fad hadn’t lost its appeal yet, I might as well join the band wagon. This letter is however not directed at the governor of my resident state, but the governor of my home state.

Dear Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan,

Degwo! It is with great joy I write you this letter. Let me start by saying- Urhobo wado!

I am a bona fide child of Delta State, with firm roots in Ekpan, Uvwie LGA, please note that even if this fruit has fallen far from its roots, it does not negate the fact that my roots are there and still traceable, I can also provide my Local Government Certificate and any other proof you might require as regards my State of Origin. I believe my grandfather (God rest his soul) when he said emphatically that marriage does not change where you are from.


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