Tertiary education ; not for all

Year in year out, millionons write the joint administration and matriculation board exam hoping to be admitted to tertiary academic institution. These millions cut across every size, age, tribe and status. They all have several backforce to aspire tertiarry education.

This prompts one to ask. Is tertiary education for all?off course everyone would instantly yell “yes”.before we answer that, we should note that tertiary education difers from literacy. Everyone should learn how to read and write but not everyone should attend a tertiary institution.

Two basic factors should be considered before one undergoes tertiary education.one is interest. Are you the type who hates reding? Do you dislike assignments ?can u spend one month without scaning newspapers,magazine etc?if your answer is yes, then you have no buisness with tertiary education. Such person will end up involving in all crook examination malpractice to pass.
He shoild go pursue your interest like wizkid and 2face.

The second major factor is capability. Were you alwayss bottom in class?can you speak and write fluently,did you rewrite Waec three times before getting 5 credirts? If your answer is yes, then you have a big problem educationally.however,with extra hardwork and interest,you can make it.

There are other factors which disqualifies one from enroling into tertiary education.not everyone is talented in reading and writing.some are gifted to work with their hands. They should focus on trade or vocation.
what is the point of wasting four years + aasu years + NYSC chasing a course one is very poor at.with the high rate of school fees,one should chanell money instead in an investment.

Examine yourself.choose wisely. Pursue university education and graduate halfbaked almost sure of failure or follow alternate route almost sure of success


10 Tips To Manage HIgh BP Without Drugs

Ogwu Sunday Michael

By The Times of India

Hypertension on the high? Here are top 10 tips to get it down and keep it down.

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Seven in 10 adults are at a greater risk of stroke or heart attack because their blood pressure is too high. Desk jobs, lack of exercise and eating salty fast foods have contributed to the problem, even among the young. If your level is consistently at or above 140mmHg/ 90mmHg (referred to as 140 over 90). The 140 figure is the systolic pressure — the pressure reached when the heart forces the blood around the body — and 90 is the diastolic pressure — the lowest pressure that occurs between heartbeats when the heart relaxes.

In India, experts say, the prevalence of hypertension ranges from 20-40 per cent in urban adults and 12-17 per cent among rural adults. But there’s no reason to worry. Simple…

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Love the police

Olakunle Soriyan Blog

Nigerian police force They should protect us, but how do we treat them?

Obviously, a LOT of things are wrong in our nation BUT we must REJECT the temptation to look away from our meaning, our honour and our dignity simply because we want to underscore our struggles. While some claim to hate the nation, they still will not allow you steal their personal belongings to justify our economic struggles. This is a pointer to a consciousness within us that SEARCHES FOR MEANING AND FULFILLMENT even right IN THE MIDST OF PAIN AND STRUGGLE.

This is IMPORTANT- society MUST find its rhythm and balance in the INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTION of every stakeholder in the system. INDIVIDUAL RELEVANCE IS THE STRENGTH OF COLLECTIVE PEACE. And this brings us to an issue of collective concern – THE POLICE FORCE. Yes! The police force.

If Nigerians have built their ability to worry, complain and criticize the system…

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Kenyan President Signs Polygamy Law

Kenya legalises polygamy law


Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta signed a bill into law Tuesday that makes it legal for men to marry multiple women, even if it is without their wife’s consent.

“Marriage is the voluntary union of a man and a woman, whether in a monogamous or polygamous union,” Kenyatta said in a statement, the AFP reports.

The bill, which amended previous marriage legislation, was passed by the Kenyan parliament in late March following heated late-night debates that inspired female members of parliament to storm out of the room. While the original bill allowed women to have veto power over their husband’s additional spouses, male members of parliament moved to have that clause removed.

“When you marry an African woman, she must know the second one is on the way, and a third wife,” MP Junet Mohammed told the house during the debates, adding, “This is Africa.”

Capital FM reported that female MP…

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48 of 102 Nigerian Prisoners Pass GCE Examination While in Prison

48-of-102-nigerian-prisoners-pass-gce-examination-while-in-prison/’>48 of 102 Nigerian Prisoners Pass GCE Examination While in Prison

Emmanuel Bamidele, the Deputy Controller of Prisons, reported that the prisoners were successful in taking the GCE exam in November/December 2013.
He made this disclosure when he recieved the Ikeja Branch of Nigerian Bar Association, the NBA, on Monday.

The NBA members came to the prison to present the gifts they prepared for inmates as one of the activities planned in their Law Week 2014 programme
Bamidele told to the NBA members that:“when they finally regain their freedom, they can seek admission into any university of their choice, since they are awaiting trial.”

He said the prison ‘Rehabilitation, Restoration and Reintegration’ programme , is aimed at providing all the prisoners with the chance to get good education, and to be useful to themselves and society as soon as they leave the prison.

the deputy controller said: ‘there were 1761 people in prison, with only 186 were convicted and the rest have been waiting for the trial for 5-13 years.”
Monday Ubani, the Chairman of NBA Ikeja, assure the inmates that those waiting for trial would be free soon informing that Justice Ayotunde Phillips, the Chief Judge of Lagos State would visit the prison in May to grant parole.
“NBA is in contact with the chief judge and the Ministry of Justice, and we know that names of those to be released are being compiled,”he said.

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